True hoppers of the WP
Welcome to True hopper of the WP, a website on Western Palearctic Auchenorrhyncha. The main reason to start a website on Western Palearctic Auchenorrhyncha was the lack of summarized information on taxonomy, ecology and distribution in this area. While searching the web, scanning books, reading publications and digitizing collections, I came up with the idea to publish all this collected information on a website.

New taxa added

Species Anatolodus midicus (Logvinenko, 1975) Issidae

Species Issus afrolauri Sergel, 1986 Issidae

Species Hishimonus sellatus (Uhler, 1896) Cicadellidae

Species Tshurtshurnella sinopei Tanyeri & Zeybekoğlu, 2020 Issidae

Species Valenciolenda fadaforesta Hoch & Sendra, 2021 Kinnaridae

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