Apartus wagnerianus

(Nast, 1965)



BL ♂: 5.7-6.0 mm; ♀: 6.0-6.1 mm. Head, pro- and mesonotum brown, with whitish keels. Forewings hyaline, with dark markings. Phallosoma on the left with two movable spines, the top one pointing upwards, the lower one being more or less straight and pointing backwards. On the right side with a distinctive lobe and two movable spines, both pointing upwards. Female abdomen truncate, with a wax plate which is divided by a median keel (which is characteristic voor the genus Apartus). (Holzinger, 2002)


Unknown, material from Herzegovina is collected in June. (Holzinger, 2002)


Only known from Bosnia and Herzegovina. (Holzinger, 2002)

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