True hoppers of the WP
Welcome to True hopper of the WP, a website on Western Palearctic Auchenorrhyncha. The main reason to start a website on Western Palearctic Auchenorrhyncha was the lack of summarized information on taxonomy, ecology and distribution in this area. While searching the web, scanning books, reading publications and digitizing collections, I came up with the idea to publish all this collected information on a website.

New taxa added

Species Euides basilinea (Germar, 1821) Delphacidae

Species Trifida bilobata Ohara, 2014 Cicadellidae

Species Tibicina maldesi Boulard, 1981 Cicadidae

Subspecies Tibicina quadrisignata subsp. pilleti Puissant, 2023 Cicadidae

Species Sorhoanus magnus (Mityaev, 1969) Cicadellidae

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