Draeculacephala robinsoni, a potential vector of Xylella fastidiosa, found in Europe

In the summer of 2021, the species Draeculacephala robinsoni was found in France and Spain. This is the first record of the North-American genus Draeculacephala in Europe. Draeculacephala robinsoni is easily distinguishable from all other European Cicadellinae, the combination of the pointed head and green coloration is not found in any other European Cicadellinae. Rösch et al. 2022 discuss the identification and some taxonomic issues related to this species and the genus as a whole. The species is found in northeastern Spain and southwestern France. Here, the species is found along riverbeds and wetlands. Adults and nymphs were present from late May to late October. Like all Cicadellinae, Draeculacephala species are xylem feeders, which are known as vectors of Xylella fastidiosa, this makes the species a potential pest for vineyards, orchards, etc.ReferencesRösch, V., Marques, E., Miralles-Núñez, A., Zahniser, J. N. & Wilson, M. R. 2022. Draeculacephala robinsoni Hamilton, 1967 (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha: Cicadellidae), a newly introduced species and genus in Europe with comments on its identification. Zootaxa 5116(3): 439-448.

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April 25, 2022
New species described in 2021

In 2021, seven new species of Auchenorrhyncha were described from the Western Palearctic. Not surprisingly, all the new species were described from the southern and eastern parts of the WP. Those parts of the WP are in general species-rich and less studied compared to northern and (north)western parts of the WP.New species of DoraturaTwo new species, Doratura butzele and Doratura rikele, are described by Guglielmino & Bückle (2021). Both species are described from Italy, but Doratura butzele also occurs in Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro. Slovenian auchenorrhynchologist Gabrijel Seljak provided photos of Doratura butzele for this website, which can be found on the species page.Two new species from TurkeyTwo species, Balcanocerus stellatus and Aphrophora geruzei were described from Turkey in 2021. In their publication, Özgen and Gnezdilov (2021) also provide a key to the Palearctic species of the genus Balcanocerus.The first cavernicolous kinnarid for the WPA very interesting new species is the Kinnarid Valenciolenda fadaforesta from Spain. Not only is this just the third Kinnaridae species known from the WP, it also is the very first kinnarid from mainland Europe and the first cavernicolous kinnarid in the WP. The family Kinnaridae is worldwide only represented by approximately 115 species, and this new species is only the seventh cavernicolous species known to science.Two species named after local entomologistsThe final two species are named after entomologists who work(ed) in the area where the species occur or who collected the type specimens.  Cixius wollastoni, described from the Madeira Island Santana, is named after Thomas H. Wollaston, an entomologist who worked on the entomological fauna of Madeira and collected Auchenorrhyncha. The species Platymetopius scalercioi, which is described from southern and central Italy, is named after the entomologist Stefano Scalercio, who collected the type specimens.ReferencesFreitas, É. & D. Aguín-Pombo 2021. Taxonomy of the Cixiidae (Hemiptera, Fulgoromorpha) from the Madeira archipelago. European Journal of Taxonomy 744: 1-37.Guglielmino, A. & Ch. Bückle 2021. Two new species of the genus Doratura Sahlberg (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Deltocephalinae) from the Mediterranean Region. Israel Journal of Entomology 51: 77-84.Hoch, H., A. Sendra, S. Montagud, S. Teruel & R.L. Ferreira 2021. First record of a cavernicolous Kinnaridae from the Old World (Hemiptera, Auchenorrhyncha, Fulgoromorpha, Kinnaridae, Adolendini) provides testimony of an ancient fauna. Subterranean Biology 37: 1-26.Özgen, I & V.M. Gnezdilov, 2021. A new species of Balcanocerus Maldonado-Capriles (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha: Cicadellidae: Eurymelinae) from Eastern Anatolia, with a key to Palaearctic species and new records. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 123(3): 529-537.Poggi, F., Manti, F. & Castiglione, E. 2021. A new species of the leafhopper genus Platymetopius Burmeister, 1838 (Hemiptera, Cicadellidae, Deltocephalinae) from southern Italy. Rivista del Museo Civico di Scienze Naturali “Enrico Caffi”, Bergamo, 24: 19-23.Tanyeri, R. & Ü. Zeybekoğlu 2021. A new species of the genus Aphrophora Germar (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha: Aphrophoridae) from Turkey. Entomological News 130(1): 70-78. 

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January 7, 2022
Paraphysifer wilsoni: a new genus and species from Israel

In a recent publication, a new genus and species has been described from the Northern District in Israel. The new genus belongs to the tribe Paralimnini and it's name refers to the presence of the paraphysis.ReferenceSinaiko, G. & Dietrich, C. H. 2020. A new genus and species of Paralimnini leafhoppers from Israel (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Deltocephalinae), Zootaxa 4790(2): 387-392.

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June 13, 2020
Results of the 25th Central European Auchenorrhyncha meeting in the Netherlands

In 2018, the 25th Central European Auchenorrhyncha meeting was held in The Netherlands. During the meeting, several excursions were undertaken to typical Dutch landscapes, including some newly created nature reserves.During the excursions, 115 Auchenorrhyncha species were collected, which is more than 25% of the Dutch Auchenorrhyncha fauna. Several interesting species, like Kelisia monoceros, Stroggylocephalus agrestis, Edwardsiana diversa and Ophiola russeola, were collected on new locations.Three species were recorded for the first time or not yet published for the Netherlands. Macrosteles spinosus was described in 2013 and not yet recorded in the Netherlands. Kybos abstrusus was already collected in 2017, but at that time the identity remained unsure. During the meeting, additional specimens were collected which confirmed the identification as Kybos abstrusus. Macrosteles sardus was collected on several locations in 2018, during the meeting this species was recorded on an additional location.Currently, the Dutch Auchenorrhyncha fauna consists of 432 species. Each year, 5-10 additional species are published as new for the Dutch fauna. A complete overview of publications about Dutch Auchenorrhyncha can be found here.ReferencesVan Klink R, Den Bieman K, Funke L, De Haas M, Helbing F, Herwig S, Huber E, Malenovský I, Nickel H,  Niedringhaus R, Poniatowski D, Rösch V, Seyen F & Witsack W 2019.  Auchenorrhyncha and Psylloidea collected during the 25th Central European Auchenorrhyncha meeting, Arnhem, The Netherlands (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha and Psylloidea).  Cicadina 18: 43-58.

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February 19, 2020