Results of the 25th Central European Auchenorrhyncha meeting in the Netherlands
Kybos abstrusus (Photo: Gernot Kunz)

Results of the 25th Central European Auchenorrhyncha meeting in the Netherlands

In 2018, the 25th Central European Auchenorrhyncha meeting was held in The Netherlands. During the meeting, several excursions were undertaken to typical Dutch landscapes, including some newly created nature reserves.

During the excursions, 115 Auchenorrhyncha species were collected, which is more than 25% of the Dutch Auchenorrhyncha fauna. Several interesting species, like Kelisia monoceros, Stroggylocephalus agrestis, Edwardsiana diversa and Ophiola russeola, were collected on new locations.

Three species were recorded for the first time or not yet published for the Netherlands. Macrosteles spinosus was described in 2013 and not yet recorded in the Netherlands. Kybos abstrusus was already collected in 2017, but at that time the identity remained unsure. During the meeting, additional specimens were collected which confirmed the identification as Kybos abstrusus. Macrosteles sardus was collected on several locations in 2018, during the meeting this species was recorded on an additional location.

Currently, the Dutch Auchenorrhyncha fauna consists of 432 species. Each year, 5-10 additional species are published as new for the Dutch fauna. A complete overview of publications about Dutch Auchenorrhyncha can be found here.

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By Marco de Haas

Updated 19 October 2020 21:23 GTM