Acanalonia conica

(Say, 1830)



BL ♂♀: 7-11 mm. Body bright green, this color fades to yellow in dead specimens. Vertex produced conically. Forewings with whitish veins, apical margin darker; ventral margin of forewings rounded. A description of the nymphal stages can be found in Wilson & McPherson (1981).


  • See for a detailed description of the male and female genitalia Freund & Wilson (1995).

Extremely polyphagous. The species is regarded as a potential pest.


A Nearctic species, which was first collected in northern Italy in 2003 (D'Urso & Uliana, 2004). Up till now, the species is rapidly spreading through southern Europe: Italy, Switserland (Trivellone et al., 2015), Romania (Chireceanu, Teodoru, Gutue, Dumitru & Anastasiu, 2017), Slovenia (Seljak, 2018), Austria (Holzinger et al., 2020), Serbia (Šćiban & Kosovac, 2020), France (Pelozuelo et al., 2020) and Hungary (Kobor et al., 2021).

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