Bursinia discolor

Horvath, 1936



Length ♂♀ (without cephalic process): 4,25-5,30 mm. Length of cephalic process: 0,57-0,68 mm. Yellow-testaceous. Cephalic process slender. Cephalic process half longer than the basal width. Ante-oculair area does not reach top of the cephalic process. Sides of head dark-punctuated. Base of front black-spotted. Area around insertion of antennae black, antennae brown. Rostrum with a black apex. Mesonotum with a distinct median keel. Forewings completely black (males) or dirty brownish (?) (females). Abdomen dorsally fine black-dotted. Legs yellow, femur with black length-stripes. Tibia at the top slightly black-grooved, at base and top black and with a few black spines. Tarsus apically black.

(Description is based on the original description (Horvath, 1936).




Only known from Spain. Horvath mentions Oroel (Jaca) in his description.

  • Horvath, G. 1936. Las especies españolas del género Bursinia Costa, con descripción de cinco especies nuevas (Hem., Fulg.). EOS 11: 385-387. (Description)