Cercopis haupti

Metcalf, 1961



BL ♂: 10 mm; ♀: ? mm. Base color black, face and vertex red with a black spot between the ocellus and the eye. Pronotum black with a small red line along the front and sides, apically with a broader red band between the tegulae. Scutellum red. Sternits and legs red, only the tarsi somewhat darkened.


Known from the type location: Algeria (Sidi-bel-Abbès).


The name Cercopis haupti replaces the name Tomaspis trifasciata Haupt, 1917 according to Metcalf, 1961. The name Tomaspis trifasciata was not available since Melichar described Tomaspis trifasciata Melichar, 1915.

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