Cercopis intermedia

Kirschbaum, 1868



BL ♂: 8.2-9.7 mm; ♀: 8.9-9.7 mm. Base color black, thorax always completely black. Forewings usually with a posterior red band and two red spots on each wing. Red coloration can be very weak or absent. Legs with red ‘knees’ (joint between femur and tibia). Ventral plates of the connexivum red with black spots. Frons in sideview exceeding the fore margin of the vertex.


Adults between April and July, hibernates in the larval stadium. Adults feed on herbs, grasses and probably also on trees in a wide range of (half)open habitats.


A common species in the Mediterranean area, known from the Iberian peninsula, southern France, Italy and a few countries in southeast Europe.

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♂ Imago

♀ Imago

♀ Imago