Cercopis sabaudiana

Lallemand, 1949



BL ♂: unknown; ♀: 7 mm. Base color black, thorax and legs completely black. Forewings usually with a posterior red band and two red spots on each wing. Ventral plates of the connexivum red with black spots. Frons in sideview exceeding the fore margin of the vertex. Distinguished from C. arcuata by the following characters: longer, less oval and narrower forewings which are twice as wide as long. Distinguished from other Cercopis-species by the latero-anterior edges of the pronotum, which are shorter and almost parallel. Forehead completely smooth, without transverse carina separating it anteriorly from the postclypeus.


Type is collected in August.


Only known from the type, which was collected in the France Alps, close to the Italian border.


Species status is doubtful. Male yet unknown.

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