Cercopis vulnerata

Rossi, 1807



BL ♂: 8.9-10.5 mm; ♀: 8.2-10.5 mm. Base color black, thorax and legs completely black. Forewings usually with a broad, strongly curved, posterior red band and two red spots on each wing (var. typica). Ventral plates of the connexivum black. Body shape long ovoid. Frons in sideview not exceeding the fore margin of the vertex.

Three more color morphs are distinguished:  

  • C. vulnerata var. confluens Heller, 1985: red spots and posterior red band are all fused together.
  • C. vulnerata var. helvetica Melichar, 1896: red spot in the clavus extends beyond the scutellum tip and touches the red spot on the corium. Posterior red band is wider as in C. vulnerata var. typica.
  • C. vulnerata var. nicolausi Wagner, 1948: red spot in the corium and the posterior red band are fused together.


  • Male aedeagus: shaft long and with a blunt tip; with spine-like appendages of equal length.

Adults between May and July, hibernates in the larval stadium. In a wide variation of habitats, but mainly in moist to wet grassland. Adults on grasses and herbs.


Widely distributed throughout Europe, except the north.

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♂ Imago

♀ Imago

♂ Imago