Cixius alpestris

Wagner, 1939



BL ♂♀: 4.5-5.0 mm. Frons, clypeus and mesotum blackish or darkbrown. Carinae of frons light brown. Wings more or less hyaline without. Phallosoma apically with three movable spines. Right dorsal lobe apically bent inward. Differs from other species within the Cixius sticticus group by the ventral apical spine of the phallotheca, which is as long as the lateral spines. (Wagner, 1939; Holzinger et al, 2003; Biederman & Niedringhaus, 2004)


Recorded from Pinus mugo. (Nickel, 2003)


Known from high mountainous parts of central Europe. (Ribaut & Lacroix, 1958; Nickel, 2003)

Taxonomic status

Usually treated as a morphotype of Cixius sticticus, the status has to be clarified. (Holzinger et al. 2003)

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♂ Imago

♂ Imago

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