Sphaerocixius globuliferus

(Wagner, 1939)



BL ♂: 6.3-6.4 mm; ♀: 6.7-6.9 mm. Frons dark brown, keels and clypeus lighter. Genae in upper part dark brown, ventrally lighter. Pronotum medially light-brown, laterally dark-brown. Mesonotum dark-brown. Wings hyaline with dark markings. Phallosoma with a long and slender movable subapical spine and a doughnut-shaped process on the right and a broad movable spine on the left side. Base of apical part of the aedeagus has a bulbous widening ventrally. (Holzinger, 2002)




Only known from Albania. (Holzinger, 2002)

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